Vasalgel Injection Shows Promising Results as the Male Contraceptive of the Future

Vasalgel injection is currently undergoing tests to see its viability as the possible contraceptive for men. Gauging from the latest findings, the results so far look quite promising and may hail the long-awaited male pill.

Unlike their female counterparts, men have limited options when it comes to birth control and they either have to use…

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Many Over-The-Counter Sexual Dysfunction Treatments May Be Harmful

Quite a number of over-the-counter treatments for men sexual dysfunction could cause more harm than good, a new study has shown.

Men’s sexual health has always been a topic of discussion as many individuals try to improve or deal with issues affecting their sexual health, for instance inability to maintain an erection, low sexual desire,…

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Have we reached the age of penis transplants?

Some of the most serious injuries that a man can suffer are the ones occurring in the area of the genitals. There have been many incidents, especially among males working in the military or other dangerous professions where explosions and similar phenomena are frequent and unexpected. In fact, they are more common than most people think.


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Does Exercise Therapy Help In Combating Prostate Cancer In Men?

For many years, researchers and medics have had reason to believe that exercising regularly can help bring down the cases of prostate cancer in men. However, there is no conclusive report or statistics that clearly illustrate this, and this has led to a team of researchers from the UK carrying out trials to see if the theory is true.

UK researchers…

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