Research Team Succeeds in Delivering Drug to the Placenta

The biggest worry of a pregnant woman is whether there will be complications and how serious they are going to be, since they can affect a newborn’s health and even be proven to be fatal for the fetus. According to medical experts, about 1 in every 10 pregnancies includes complications that can cause things like pre-eclampsia,…

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New Test Detects Parkinson's Disease Way Earlier than the One Currently Used

Parkinson’s disease is a medical condition that has gained a huge amount of “popularity” in the past few years, mainly because of the celebrities that suffer from it. The most famous of recent cases is the one of Michael J.Fox, an actor who has become an activist and also founded the Michael J.Fox Foundation

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Concerns Raised Over The Ineffectiveness of Most Erectile Dysfunction Drugs Sold Over The Counter

A latest publication contained in the online print of the Journal of Sexual Medicine states that many erectile dysfunction(ED) treatments sold over the counter may not be as effective as claimed.

Researchers from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, NC, studied several ED drugs for men that are readily…

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Study Shows Regularly Taking Aspirin Reduces the Chances of Dying From Prostate Cancer

A new study hints that men who have the habit of taking aspirin on a regular basis are less-likely to die from cancer of the prostate.

Researchers from the Harvard School of Medicine, Boston have released a report suggesting that men who are affected by…

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The New STD Epidemic That Every Guy Should Know About

Guys throughout the world can heave a heavy sigh of relief as the rates for new HIV infections in developed countries continues to decline. Sadly, however, successful efforts to curb this disease do not appear to have created any lasting changes in personal habits. According to the CDC, there has been a widespread…

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Medical Tourism

When we hear the word “tourism” our imagination immediately focuses on the crowds of people that either follow the guide or go sightseeing throughout a city on their own. They try to see as many places of interest as possible. Tourism is believed to broaden our minds.

The thing is…

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Scientists have created organic ion transistors able to block pain signals before they reach the brain

Medical electronic devices of a new type are able to make life for people who are experiencing persistent pain associated with certain types of chronic diseases, easier. A tiny “ion pump”, a kind of organic ion transistor designed by the Linköping University team, can be introduced into the patient’s body, after that…

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Abs: Everyday Workout

All of us want strong and good looking abs, but shall we do a daily abs workout? Common sense prompts us that the more exercises we do, the better it is.

However, here are five reasons not to do abs exercises every day:

  • A strong core is better…

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