Men's Health

Men with Erectile Dysfunction Turning to Edex

Men suffering from sexual and erectile dysfunction(ED) are turning to Edex as the preferred mode of treatment. The treatment which comes in form of injection has increased the number of ED treatments available in the market.

According to statistics, the number of men affected by sexual and erectile dysfunction…

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Many Men Unaware Of Prostate Surgery as Cause of Sexual Dysfunction

Many men start suffering from sexual dysfunction after surgery of the prostate, however many are not aware that the procedure is what brought about this condition, new revelations show.

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, many men choose to have the cancerous growth removed through a surgical process. This is usually the best as well…

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Men and Double Mastectomies

Breast cancer in men is an uncommon disease. According to medical research, less than one percent of breast cancer occurs in men. Most men diagnosed with breast cancer choose to have mastectomy to remove the cancer. However, a surprising new study indicates that the…

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In the United States, obesity in men has increased by around 200 percent during the last 25 years alone. And, it is a leading cause of death. Over 70 percent of men over the age of 20 were found to be overweight by a study many years back, while over 30 percent of men in the same age group were found to be obese. This is a stark contrast to the same…

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Foods that Fights Prostate Cancer

After skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common type of cancer in men. It is a disease associated with lifestyle, so nutrition plays a very important role in its prevention and control. An improper diet increases the chances of getting the disease and recurrence in those previously diagnosed with the disease. Prostate cancer does not discriminate…

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Estrogen And Men’s Health

Estrogen has been known as the primary hormone of women that includes three majors called estrone, estriol and estradiol. In general, estrogen is responsible for the regulation and the development of females’ secondary sex characteristics and reproductive system. However, estrogen is also found in all men.

In fact, the scientists…

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About Testicular Cancer And Its Symptoms

Testicular Cancer or Cancer of the testicle is one of the diseases males ought to be aware of and ought to watch out for. To understand more, it is much better to process the words that comprise the term. First, “testicular” coming from the word “testicles” – also known as testes or gonads. These are a pair of male sex glands that produce and store…

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Why men become more affectionate after intensive physical activity?

US scientists have proved: the more intense the man worked during the day, the farther he was away from home, the more oxytocin – the hormone of love, care and assistance – his body produces. And the more love and attention he shows to his family when returning home.

Release of this energy may occur not only if you had to work hard during…

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Muscle strength indicates the state of human health

Scientists came to the conclusion that physical force of the muscles can tell a lot about the health state of the human body.

Scientists from the United Kingdom have conducted a series of experiments. During the study, the experts carried out analysis and made assessment of relation between the grip strength and general physical condition…

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Stendra vs Viagra

Since ancient times, the problem of insufficient or brief erections bothered humanity. Even in ancient scriptures dating back to 2000 B.C. this vexing question was often raised, methods of curing and prevention were described. But now men cannot get rid of this ailment either, despite the fact that the modern medicine…

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