Many Over-The-Counter Sexual Dysfunction Treatments May Be Harmful

Quite a number of over-the-counter treatments for men sexual dysfunction could cause more harm than good, a new study has shown.

Men’s sexual health has always been a topic of discussion as many individuals try to improve or deal with issues affecting their sexual health, for instance inability to maintain an erection, low sexual desire, poor bedroom performance, low levels of testosterone, and many other issues. This has led to many treatments cropping up in the market with the aim being to help victims combat the abovementioned issues.

However, a new study says that many of these medications which are available over the counter may be causing more problems than solutions. What is even more worrying is that many users have no clue that they are putting their lives at risks, and only come to terms with the side effects after have used the treatments for a considerable period of time. At this point, the negative effects may have taken toll on the men, for instance, damaged blood veins or vessels, low or very high blood pressure, feeling dizzy quite often, severe kidney damage, liver impairment and more.

A team of researchers based at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, North Carolina recently undertook a study with the aim of ascertaining how viable or effective the over-the-counter treatments for sexual dysfunction in men were. The study focused on the active ingredients, benefits, approval status, and common side effects.

According to Ryan Terlecki, M.D., lead researcher, senior author and associate professor of urology, many drugs claimed to contain natural ingredients which would help improve sexual health through firm and longer lasting erections, boosting libido, maintaining good bedroom performance and more. However, most didn’t show any real evidence that they indeed had worked on some users. In fact, many only relied on observational analysis and hadn’t gone through clinical trials which are considered more reliable.

In their desire to get better or improve their sexual health sooner-rather-than-later, many men will buy any medication that promises them good results without thinking twice. Few take time to learn more about the ingredients (natural and artificial), whether clinical trials were undertaken, recommendations from the experts, and also if the treatment has been approved or not.

Sadly and after paying a high price for the treatments (some cost as much as $5 per day) and spending lots of time in the activity, many realize that they just flushed their money down the drain and worse of all; they put their lives at risks.

In the report appearing in the Journal of Sexual Medicine online print, Terlecki cautions men against buying any over-the-counter drug without taking time to learn more about it. While thinking they are dealing with the problem, many users may actually be making things worse.