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Took 10mg 60 minutes in advance of the predicted sex with my tpartner, managed a tough penile erection and experienced love-making for over 1 hour. Had a tough penile erection, sexual intercourse, and orgasmic pleasure once again in 6 hours. Once again had a tough penile erection, making love, and orgasm 12 hours afterwards – 3rd time in 24 hours with 10mg medication dosage.



I have been using levitra for a few months. With 10 mg, it offers me a tough penile erection so that it is less difficult to have orgasm. I can continue to give pleasure to my spouse until eventually she’s done. Thank you levitra!



I discover that I get na excellent penile erection, the sexual intercourse is fairly pleasant, nevertheless regularly I don’t get to orgasmic pleasure. But it can be reached by simply masturbating