Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile DysfunctionAn intimate relationship between two people is fragile, sometimes the tiniest trifle may grow into a huge crashing problem. When a man has potency problems, it may influence the relationships of the couple. Apart from physical disability, the man starts suffering from low self-esteem; this in turn leads to stress and aggravates the situation even more. Majority of men are too embarrassed to talk about the issue even to a doctor. So the impact ED has on a man’s life and marriage shouldn’t be underestimated.

You are not alone with your problem

There is a false belief that ED is found in a small number of men and by unknown reasons you may fall into a risk group. Remember, impotence is not at all uncommon! According to some estimates, every second man in the United States has a certain type of sexual dysfunction at a certain period of life. It means about 30 million American men fight with ED problems while in global measures this figure is much larger – 140 million men. This fact however doesn’t make impotence less stressful.

In some studies conducted by Pfizer,a leading pharmaceutical company, the focus was made on women. A group of them were interviewed to rank a number of diseases in importance of their effect on women. Unexpectedly, impotence stands higher than such diseases as allergies, infertility, insomnia, menopausal symptoms and obesity.

Two approaches to the problem

In another study held by Pfizer, they found out how both men and women react to ED: they either acknowledge that there is a problem that should be solved or they deny that the problem exists. Though the second approach may sound optimistic but it’s actually devastating. When there is some sexual dysfunction, it may disappear when the causes are found and eliminated. In most cases these are lifestyle changes that may improve potency, like healthy food, sports, no smoking and alcohol drinking. In turn, if you choose to pretend there is no problem at all, it may lead to irremediable results quickened by neglecting of the dysfunction.

The way out

The first step to treating sexual dysfunction is to admit it really exists. Take it as a given fact. Next, it’s recommended to visit a doctor to find out the causes of ED. Finding the right causes will lead to successful treatment. ED causes are conditionally divided into three groups: physical, psychological and medical. Physical causes are those associated with certain diseases such as diabetes, kidney diseases, neurological disorder, etc., where erectile dysfunction is a symptom. In this case effective treatment may help you overcome not only ED but a more serious condition. Psychological causes are less vivid but nonetheless important. Stress, anxiety, problems at work, bad sleep, etc., may lead to temporary impotence. You shouldn’t reject that, when those causes are found out at an early stage, minimum effort will be required to overcome ED. And the last one are medical causes, it’s when some drugs you may take influence your potency. A qualified sexual specialist may change the medication for an alternative one, but without the unpleasant side effect.

When speaking of ED, your lifestyle habits should be considered, too. The main idea here is that your sexual health is in your hands. Obesity, little activity, alcohol and tobacco addiction may cause impotence. Once a doctor finds out the right causes, you are half the way through to successful treatment.