Does Exercise Therapy Help In Combating Prostate Cancer In Men?

For many years, researchers and medics have had reason to believe that exercising regularly can help bring down the cases of prostate cancer in men. However, there is no conclusive report or statistics that clearly illustrate this, and this has led to a team of researchers from the UK carrying out trials to see if the theory is true.

UK researchers are currently undertaking tests on a group of men to ascertain whether exercise therapy helps to combat prostate cancer. The studies come at a period whereby more-and-more men are falling victims to this male cancer.

exercise therapyAccording to the American Cancer Society, 220,800 new cases of male prostate cancer are reported in the US every year. The number of deaths that arise from this ailment has risen and currently stands at 27,540 deaths annually. 

The worrying trends are also evident in the UK where 43,000 plus men are diagnosed with the cancer every year. This means that at the end of each day, more than 100 men in the UK will have cancer.

Such are the statistics that led the researchers from the University of Sheffield Hallam to carry out trials in order to determine if exercises can help bring down the disease rate.

Backed by the Cancer Research UK, the University’s team of researchers is at the moment undertaking trials on 50 men who are suffering from the cancer of the prostate. The trials which will be carried out over a period of 12 months will put the men under different exercise regimens and hope to prove the theory that states exercise therapy can combat cancer.

Led by Dr. Liam Bourke, researcher at Sheffield Hallam University, the researchers have put 25 men on supervised weekly exercise regimens, while the other half will be under placebo. They will only be given details on the benefits of working-out but will not be put under the exercise therapy.

At regular intervals, all the men will be tested to see if the PSA protein in their blood has increased or decreased using prostate-specific antigen (PSA) technique. PSA screening is the most popular technique that helps determine if a man has cancer.

The study is receiving lots of support from different quarters with many people hoping to see feasible results from the trials. And if the results from the trials are encouraging, the researchers will take the trials a notch higher and test a larger population.

Prof. Malcolm Mason, a researcher at Cancer Research, UK states that it is paramount to engage in regular exercises whether one has cancer or not. However, he believes that if the trials bear fruit, more men will be inspired to take-up exercises as part of their fight with the scourge.