Abs: Everyday Workout

All of us want strong and good looking abs, but shall we do a daily abs workout? Common sense prompts us that the more exercises we do, the better it is.

However, here are five reasons not to do abs exercises every day:

  • A strong core is better than good abs alone.

Having a stronger core is healthier and better looking esthetically than just having a six-pack. This is why we shall combine abs workout with stabilization exercises like an advanced bird dog exercise affecting abs, balance, lower back, and even arms and shoulders.


  • Frequent abs workouts cause posture problems.

Having a desk job or just daily sitting down in a chair for several hours leads to the rotation of your shoulders forwards so you become hunched over. A bunch of crunches every day will worsen it even more.

  • Abs workouts won’t make belly fat disappear.

Getting rid of body fat from one particular part of your body is one of the most prevalent workout myths. Getting a clearly visible six-pack requires reaching a low level of body fat in general and has almost nothing to do with the number of abs exercises you do.

  • Everyday abs workout is inefficient.

Your abs muscles are mostly comprised of resilient type 1 muscle fibers meaning that you can make intense abs workouts without getting sore. So, just like other muscles, abs would respond better to less frequent training. Similar to abs muscle are your calves, and yet people don’t have a craving to do calves exercises every single day.

  • Everyday abs workout can lead to muscle imbalance.

If you do usual crunches seven days a week, your rectus abdominus muscle (which is the most desired six-pack muscle) will get trained much more than the other abs muscles. So, a lot of crunches will not necessarily result in strong abs or a stable core. On the contrary, if your rectus abdominus gets too strong in relation to other abs and lower back muscles, you will become more exposed to various injuries.