About Testicular Cancer And Its Symptoms

Testicular Cancer or Cancer of the testicle is one of the diseases males ought to be aware of and ought to watch out for. To understand more, it is much better to process the words that comprise the term. First, “testicular” coming from the word “testicles” – also known as testes or gonads. These are a pair of male sex glands that produce and store sperm. These could be noticed just under the penis, specifically within the scrotum. The second word is “cancer”. This is an illness where uncontrolled growth occurs among a group of cells. In other words, for the testicular cancer, the testes are the part of the body that is highly affected by this extremely painful and depressing illness.

Testicular cancer is caused by cancer cells that spread from the region in and around the testicles or from other parts and finally reach the testicles.

testicular_cancerEventually these cancerous cells make their way to the lymph nodes. Some other parts of the body such as the stomach or lungs, might also get affected. If the cancer spreads to these parts, there is a creation of lumps that further destroy the body.

Testicle cancer is genetic. You have a larger chance of suffering from it, if somebody in the family is already affected by it. You have a better chance of not suffering from testicular cancer, if you are not Caucasian. In fact being a Caucasian means that it is possible that you might suffer from testicular cancer especially if you are in the age group of fourteen to forty. So, that is the reason why it is essential that you look out for one or more of these potential testicular cancer symptoms.

If you suddenly find your testicle swelling, and the other shrinking proportionately, it is absolutely necessary that you go and ask your doctor to do a complete checkup. He will diagnose the condition, look at the reason for that swelling, maybe take a piece of tissue for a biopsy, and then recommend the right medical treatment. Medical treatment for all sorts of cancers is going to include chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Surgery is done only in extreme conditions. There is a good chance that your doctor is not going to recommend any sort of surgery, if the testicle cancer is caught in the primary stages.

So, you would also want to look at some other symptoms of testicular cancer. Have you suddenly found yourself with a hydrocele in the scrotum? It means that there is some liquid present there which needs to be diagnosed and cured. You might also find some traces of blood, appearing in the semen. These symptoms may or may not be in tandem to the common symptoms like pain in the groin area and lumps in the testicles.

Nevertheless, it is extremely important that you go to the doctor and tell him everything about your symptoms. After that, he is going to recommend the right treatment for you. So see your doctor, if you notice any of these symptoms, right now.

Don’t let Testicular Cancer go undetected.